Edinburgh Fringe Show

20-25 August 2018

theSpace @ Symposium Hall (V43), Hill Square, Off Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

‘Telling the Wrong Man he had Cancer and Other Hilarious Stories’

By Dr Kevin Jones

Dr Kevin Jones is a practising consultant physician who has been on the comedy and after-dinner circuit for 30 years.  His one-man show celebrates the dark humour inherent in hospital medicine - frightening, illuminating and very, very funny.

Coming soon to the Edinburgh Fringe – August 2018

Dr Jones, for the first time in his medical career, is now performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for one week, from 20 – 25 August 2018, from 6pm to 7pm, in the Symposium Hall at The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

One man in one hour, for one week in one venue!

His new, one hour, one-man, one-venue, one week stand-up comedy show is poignant, insightful, bizarre and gut-wrenchingly funny, celebrating the dark comedy inherent in hospital medicine.

Trust him, he’s a doctor, but you may die laughing!

There will be no dead bodies, or dissections, or actual surgical procedures but he’ll have you in stiches and any side-splitting will be of your own accord.


theSpace @ Symposium Hall (V43), Hill Square, Off Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW
6pm - 7pm
6pm - 7pm
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6pm - 7pm
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6pm - 7pm
Book tickets
6pm - 7pm
6pm - 7pm

Who is this man?

Kevin Jones qualified in Medicine from Liverpool University. He spent four years on the Heart-Lung Transplant team at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, six years at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and is now a NHS Consultant Physician in Northern England.

He has been on the after-dinner speaking circuit for 30 years and is probably the funniest doctor to tell stories about cancer there has ever been! He has been seen with celebrities like Stephen Fry, John Bishop and Michael McIntyre and forced them to talk to him.

His selfie-collection is extensive as he stalks comedy celebrities all over the country in the hope that some of their greatness will rub off on him.


Should Dr Kevin Jones’s new show be on your Edinburgh Fringe schedule?...

...Paul Maguire, former judge of The Edinburgh Comedy Awards, finds out.

There is a long-standing tradition of doctors in comedy, Jonathan Miller, Graham Chapman, Graeme Garden, Harry Hill, Paul Sinha and Simon Brodkin all made the transition from medicine to entertainment. Perhaps it’s the proximity to death combined with intelligence and analytical observation that creates a need and the ability to relieve the pressure through humour.

Dr Kevin Jones is the latest in this list of doctors to turn to stand-up comedy. He is taking his show Telling the Wrong Man He Had Cancer and Other Hilarious Stories to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Dr Jones has been a stalwart of the after dinner circuit for over 30 years. He has honed his performance skills in front of invariably drunk audiences at corporate functions and sportsman’s dinners.

This experience serves him well as he confidently starts his set with some trusted medical based one liners. This reassures the audience that he not only knows what he is talking about, but crucially, that he is a funny and able performer. Dr Jones then informs us that he will not just be telling jokes but will endeavour to explore the darker recesses of medicine with some true stories. That said, he then tells a couple more filthy jokes with the authority and gravitas that only a medical practitioner could have.

Having set the tone he now turns to the more crafted material that a full Edinburgh show demands. Possibly for the first time in his career, this takes Dr Jones away from the comfort of his usual after dinner material. Despite this, there is no pretence or nervousness in his delivery. His amiable and confident stage persona is no doubt taken from four decades of cultivating a reassuring bedside manner. This gives the impression not of a performer, but of a self-assured, consummate story teller, taking you on a humorous and ultimately life affirming trip through his career.

Jones takes us back to the late 1970s to his time as a medical student and Junior House Officer in Liverpool.  The adherence to rules and regulations was a little less stringent then, as the stories about cadavers, death certification and strange use of Lidocaine jelly attest. As would be expected in any memoir of a junior doctor, Dr Jones has several eye watering tales about the sexual mishaps of various A&E patients he has had to treat.
The real high point of this hour comes in the last two extended tales. One is the story of the title of the show and the other is of how he saved a man’s life in front of his son. He narrates both stories believably, reliving the fear, confusion, relief and of course humour in both desperate situations. The audience is fully engaged in the emotional roller-coaster he takes us through during each of these unfolding dramas.

He nicely ties the whole show together with a lovely ‘call back’ that invites you to consider not the inevitability of death, but the ordinary mundanity of it, which many fear but which he has realised, is not scary at all.
This is a thoroughly entertaining 50 minutes of comedy, which is skilfully performed, well-structured and paced. This feat is something that many Fringe veterans can still struggle with and it belies the fact Dr Jones is an Edinburgh debutante.

Dr Kevin Jones will be performing Telling the Wrong Man He Had Cancer and Other Hilarious Stories at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Venue 43,theSpace@Symposium Hall-Amphitheatre, 
August 20-25th.

'The funniest doctor I've Ever met!'

Justin Moorhouse

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take the picture!'

Michael Mcintyre

MY Anorexia!'

Jonny Vegas

'Medical comedy
my Arse!'

Ricky Tomlinson