Edinburgh Fringe Show

20-25 August 2018

theSpace @ Symposium Hall (V43), Hill Square, Off Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

‘Telling the Wrong Man he had Cancer and Other Hilarious Stories’

By Dr Kevin Jones

Dr Kevin Jones is a practising consultant physician who has been on the comedy and after-dinner circuit for 30 years.  His one-man show celebrates the dark humour inherent in hospital medicine - frightening, illuminating and very, very funny.

Coming soon to the Edinburgh Fringe – August 2018

Dr Jones, for the first time in his medical career, is now performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for one week, from 20 – 25 August 2018, from 6pm to 7pm, in the Symposium Hall at The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

One man in one hour, for one week in one venue!

His new, one hour, one-man, one-venue, one week stand-up comedy show is poignant, insightful, bizarre and gut-wrenchingly funny, celebrating the dark comedy inherent in hospital medicine.

Trust him, he’s a doctor, but you may die laughing!

There will be no dead bodies, or dissections, or actual surgical procedures but he’ll have you in stiches and any side-splitting will be of your own accord.


theSpace @ Symposium Hall (V43), Hill Square, Off Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW
6pm - 7pm
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Who is this man?

Kevin Jones qualified in Medicine from Liverpool University. He spent four years on the Heart-Lung Transplant team at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, six years at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and is now a NHS Consultant Physician in Northern England.

He has been on the after-dinner speaking circuit for 30 years and is probably the funniest doctor to tell stories about cancer there has ever been! He has been seen with celebrities like Stephen Fry, John Bishop and Michael McIntyre and forced them to talk to him.

His selfie-collection is extensive as he stalks comedy celebrities all over the country in the hope that some of their greatness will rub off on him.


Kevin Jones is
a monster...

….at least that’s what he predicted this review would say after a night of jokes and tales from the darker side of medicine. He couldn’t be further from the truth, he is a great guy – a real character who captivates an audience with fascinating anecdotes and black comedy. Some of the routine isn’t for the sensitive, with some swearing and death and cancer all part of the humour.

Dr Jones is a doctor by day, working as a consultant at the Royal Bolton Hospital, and a popular after-dinner speaker by night. He has a fantastic way of sharing his stories, telling the audience all sorts about his career.
A great mix of one-liners and anecdotes, with both hilarious and poignant moments, all true. His actions, dancing, facial expressions, accents and impressions made it even better. I hope he’s as good a doctor as he is entertainer – if so his patients are in good hands. I know he loves combining his two favourite things, medicine and laughter, and it shows.

A highlight was his version of the time he saved a singer’s life when he ‘died’ on stage after suffering a heart attack. Dr Jones had everyone in stitches and left the sell-out crowd wanting more - fascinating and funny! What more could you want?

Cherry Brown - Bolton Evening News

'The funniest doctor I've Ever met!'

Justin Moorhouse

'Hurry up and
take the picture!'

Michael Mcintyre

MY Anorexia!'

Jonny Vegas

'Medical comedy
my Arse!'

Ricky Tomlinson